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Remax 195HB Bluetooth Headphones

  • $11000

V4.1 AUX Audio Cable. Headset soft PU coated material, feels very smooth. 
With fairly large diameter is 76mm ear.
Smart Noise Reduction Built-in 300mAh Rechargeable Battery offers 14h of continuous listening. 
Remax RB-195HB is equipped with high-quality speakers, two independent speaker chambers designed, gives users the clean sound with powerful bass and sound.
Capable of connecting to two devices at one time.
Equipped with high-quality polymer battery system along with modern battery-saving saves you maximum energy, protects the battery and improve the shelf life of 1 charge.
Compatible with most audio devices currently on the market, ranging from intelligent devices for iOS & android or until the device connected via AUX port.

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