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This mobile phone holder frees your hands while driving. This phone holder will keep your phone safe without damaging the inside of your car. This Air vent phone holder is specially designed for cars, which allowing you to drive without distraction. The unique gravity sensor provides a stable support for your phone. 360 degree rotating design makes you adjust the viewing angle easily. Its mini size lets it portable to anywhere. Silica gel pads ensures your device stay safe even on bumpy roads or trails.

Patented design of built-in slider, never stuck. Gravity sensor automatically adapts to mobile phones of different sizes and the silicone chuck does not hurt the phone. steady and silent, liberate with your hands because of small size do not block the field of vision.

Two Options: Air outlet chuck and central control sticking base.

Provides a secure and stable support for your phone. You can easily use it with single hand.Suitable for any mobile phone model, such as Apple iPhone models, Samsung, HTC, LG and more models. The phone holder is characterised by mini size, which will save more space and no sheltering from sight. Allows you to charge your phone conveniently and press the Home button.

Package Contents:
1 x Universal Phone Holder