Laptop Repair


Spyware and virus removal

Slow Computer-we remove spyware, adware and un-needed applications and fix registry problems and other causes of slow computers such as inappropriate antivirus software.

If you think you have displeasing problem or you have already been victim of some nasty action, we look forward to provide assistance that makes life simple again.


PC running slow?

we can provide hard drive, SSD upgrades for most models.

Screen repairs

We can replace damaged and cracked screens easily and at affordable price.

Liquid damage repair

Bring your liquid damaged device for our professional to inspect and cleaning.

Battery replacement

Are you having problem with your battery, it not holding charge or doesn’t last long? We can replace battery for you.

Hard drive replacement

If your device is stuck at logo or flashing question mark, your hard drive could be failing.




  • Please be aware that during the repair process there is a chance that your device’s data, applications or some other personal information may be lost. A full backup is always recommended. No persons associated with the repair is responsible for the data loss or personal information.
  • Please note that we provide an estimated time required for repair at the time of booking. Sometimes the repair could be a bit more complicated than it appears at the booking point, thus it could take more time than estimated, so please be prepared for that.
  • If some unexpected damage happens to your phone while repairing, we will take responsibility for that and will fix it without any sort of charge but we will need up to 14 days to solve the issue.
  • Please be aware that as third party repair agents we may use third party parts when original parts are unavailable and some repairs may void your manufactures warranty. Please check with your device manufacturer if you have any doubts as we will not be held responsible for any loss of warranty.
  • We can not provide any guarantee that waterproof or water resistant will be waterproof/resistant after repair.


We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all parts and labour associated with the preceding repair, the limited warranty is made exclusively for the benefit of the original customer of the preceding repair and, as such, is non-transferable.
This limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturer-related part defects on parts installed by us as well as the workmanship associated with the preceding repair only and does not cover supplemental damage. Supplemental damage can be defined as any damage unrelated to the preceding repair, including, but not limited to, physical or liquid damage to the device. Manufacture-related defect symptoms may include one or more of the following: a spontaneous or abrupt decline in overall device functionality, touchscreen sensitivity or LCD performance.
Exclusions to this warranty include, but are not limited to, physical and/or liquid damage, game system reflows, batteries, accessories and soldered components. Liquid damage and subsequent physical damage which occurs after a completed repair will void this warranty. Additionally, this warranty is automatically voided in the event of a manufacturer software enhancement that adversely affects the functionality of the phone.
We do not provide refunds for repaired jobs unless two attempts have been carried out to repair the particular fault.
We will meet our obligations under the Fair Trading Act & Consumer Guarantees Act to provide a solution or provide a full or partial refund for the cost of the repair.
By choosing our repair service you accept all terms & conditions stated above and agree that: if you cannot be contacted after 50 days of assessment provided that all efforts have been made to contact you or no reply has been received within 50 days after initial quotation then we will reserve the right to dispose or keep the device in lieu of payment.